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Rules of Oxy.Cloud

Using the services of our file hosting service, you agree to the current terms and conditions:

Terms of Using
  • The service is intended for sharing files in network Internet.
  • Size of maximum file for load is 100 MB.
  • The shelf life of files is unlimited, provided that the file meets with true download rules.
  • In the event of a technical failure, the Oxy.Cloud service will make every effort to save user files.
  • Current rules may be changed in the future.
In the cloud-based storage it is forbidden to load the following files:
  • Forbidden or contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation, materials.
  • Malicious files (viruses, trojans, etc.), programs for breaking into, key generators, license keys, cheat files on social networks, etc.
  • Spreading terrorist propaganda, propaganda inciting ethnic, racial or religious hatred materials.
  • Pornographic materials.
  • Users loading such files will be blocked.
  • The user takes full responsibility for the contents of the loaded file through the Oxy.Cloud file sharing service.
  • Service only presents an opportunity to load it. The contents of the files are not viewed and not controlled.
  • The consequences from the actions of files downloaded and running on the computer are borne only by the user.
  • The administration of the service is not responsible for that how the files downloaded by the user are used.
  • If you think that the file posted on our service violates your rights (copyright, etc.) - write to us and we will take measures to delete it.
  • By downloading the file, you agree that the file may be available to third parties.
  • The administration reserves the right to delete file of the user if it will harm the normal work of the service or violate its rules.
  • The Oxy.Cloud service is a non-commercial project, and in this connection the administration does not take any responsibility for the work of the service and does not provide any guarantees.
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